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Winter Preparations Underway With Camden County EMA

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Better safe than sorry…what could be an unofficial theme observed all this past week as part of “Winter Weather Preparedness Week” across the lake area and statewide.

With so many conditions to prepare for, Camden County EMA Director Samantha Henley says that icy roadways could be the biggest problem we run into in the lake area…“I can tell you, watching the fire responders…our office, fire, leo’s, emt’s…everybody. We’re having to stop and deal with the people who think that since they have 4 wheel drive….they have 4 wheel stop….and that’s just not that case.”

Henley also says two of your best options when it comes to being prepared is to sign up for any EMA alerts and to purchase a NOAA weather radio…“Because if everything else fails….at least that will get you information on what’s coming at you in regards to the weather.”

All News RSS Feed Politics Friday, November 11th, 2022

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