Ambulance Flips Over In Icy Conditions

Local News Monday, January 30th, 2023

Icy road conditions are being blamed for an ambulance sliding off the roadway and overturning onto its side in Osage County.

A post on social media by the Osage Ambulance District indicates that it happened Sunday afternoon on Highway-28 near Highway-EE inside the city limits of Belle.

Both of the occupants were wearing seat belts and treated for minor injuries while another ambulance was dispatched to the original call.




Today at 4:48 PM Osage EMS Medic 632 was responding emergent to a reported motor vehicle accident with injuries. While responding, the ambulance encountered icy road conditions and left the roadway on Highway 28 near Highway EE inside the City Limits of Belle, causing the ambulance to roll onto its side. Both occupants were properly restrained and were able to get out on their own. Another ambulance was dispatched to the original accident as well as to assist the crew.

Both crew members were taken to the hospital for evaluation of minor injuries.

Photo Credit: Belle Police Department

Local News Monday, January 30th, 2023

Reporter Mike Anthony