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Road Conditions Improving In Some Areas Around The Lake But Remain Dangerous In Others

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While many roads across the Lake Area are starting to come around, there are still roads in certain areas that may remain covered in black ice.

MODOT says that’s because those areas don’t not see the sunlight as much and therefore, like scrapping ice off your windshield, it may not melt without the heat.

“Your car’s not going to be much different that the payment” says Central District Engineer Danny Roeger, “the only difference is the ground temperature might stay warm enough to keep the surface from freezing on the ground….but not where the temperatures where last night and continue to be today.”

Speaking on the Ozarks This Morning, he says MODOT has been out since Sunday treating and pre-treating area roads and bridges with a special mix, but when temperatures remain below 17-degrees it doesn’t always work…“we’ve had crews in since yesterday…doing some pre-treating on the bridges. We are out there, we are doing the best we absolute can with our mix of salt and abrasives….that sand material that we place.”

Roeger says it’s best to take it easy while on the roads, especially the further south you go where winter storm activity is still happening overnight.

All News RSS Feed State News Monday, January 30th, 2023

Reporter John Rogger