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Annual Lake Of The Ozarks Party In Fort Myers Returns This January

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Don’t look now but it’s that time of the year again with the migration of more than 1,000 people expected to leave the lake area and head for a warmer climate…at least for one day.

KRMS Co-Owner Ken Kuenzie says the 18th Annual Florida-Lake of the Ozarks Party will once again happen and, for the second year in a row due to Hurricane Ian last year, the festivities shall go on at its new location….When the hurricane happened the last time, it kind of wiped out our place off the map, literally after 101 years, it’s gone. I mean, all there left a couple of pilings there. I saw a picture the other day that had, uh, for sale sign in front of the vacant lot.”

The Jungle Bird Tiki, in Cape Coral, is bracing for the party…Lake of the Ozarks style…on January 9th.

Kuenzie also says the weather here may still be a big question for that day but one thing is certain…There’s a lot of people who head for Florida or head south for the season or whatever, but they make the journey.”

For those who can’t break away for the party in Cape Coral, you can hear all of the fun during a live broadcast from 2-5pm lake time on 93-5 Rocks the Lake.

All News RSS Feed Business Top Stories Friday, December 22nd, 2023

Reporter Mike Anthony