Sat. Jun 15th, 2024


Area School Districts Concerned About “Open Enrollment” Bill From MO General Assembly

School districts around the lake area and statewide are probably keeping a close eye on the issue of “open enrollment” being considered in the General Assembly.

Camdenton R-3 Superintendent Doctor Sean Kirksey says the concept presents challenges for school districts of all sizes.

If you’re a rural school, you know it’s going to be tough to compete with some of the things that are offered by a larger school and vice versa. As a larger school, the relationships that are created at a smaller school might be difficult to replicate.”

Doctor Kirksey also says whether a district participates in “open enrollment” should be an issue for each individual district to decide.

The local board is elected for a reason. I think they represent your community. I think they know better than somebody, you know, even 50 miles away in Jeff City. They understand better what works in our community and what works for our kids and our staff.”

Currently, there are two bills taking up the issue in Jefferson City.

The Senate version has been read twice and referred to committee while the House version has been read twice and voted do-pass with the title of the bill perfected on Tuesday.

Reporter Mike Anthony