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At Least One Arsonist on the Loose in Camden County

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An investigation is underway and lake area authorities are on the lookout for an arsonist, or arsonists, connected to a recent rash of natural cover fires in the Macks Creek area.

On Thursday alone, the Southwest Camden County Fire Protection District responded during the early afternoon hours to a report of a natural cover fire in the area of Chapel Bluff and Mud Hole roads. Upon reaching the area, fire district personnel encountered multiple road set fires along O-Road near Mud Hole Road.

There were at least nine of the fires with multiple acres going up in flames and putting several structures in danger requiring the call for mutual aid which was provided by the Mid-County and Preston districts.

The Southwest Camden County Fire District and the Camden County Sheriff’s Office are investigating leads trying to identify potential suspects. Anyone with possible information is being asked to contact the fire district or the sheriff’s office. All information can be kept confidential.


All News RSS Feed Top Stories Friday, March 29th, 2024

Reporter Mike Anthony