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Ballparks National Officially Takes Over Daily Operations For Osage Beach

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Although a private-public partnership between Ballparks National and the City of Osage Beach is still in its infancy, it’s full-steam ahead for the upcoming summer season.

Ballparks National General Manager Jeff Vernetti says, judging by the early-going, it would appear that it’s going to be a very busy time for the fields at Osage Beach City Park.

“Registrations are way up for the league and…you know, that’s been the focal point right now is…we’re trying to get all the publicity out about our local league initiative….but it’s been really good, you know we’re running tournaments all summer….got our schedule out. You know, it came out a little bit late…cause we didn’t get our deal with the city until a little bit later than we had hoped…but it’s been exciting, they’re great partners.”

Ballparks national and the city recently inked an agreement turning over control of the daily operations of the sports complex in the city park to Ballparks National.

The agreement officially became effective on February 1st and will stretch through October 31st with the city reserving select dates for annual events such as the food truck and fall festivals.

Vernetti also says that there are still a few minor details to be considered and worked out with the agreement.

All News RSS Feed Politics Top Stories Saturday, March 2nd, 2024

Reporter Mike Anthony