Thu. Jul 25th, 2024


Camden Commission Says “No Intention Of Making Lake Area A Sanctuary For Illegal Immigrants”

The Camden County Commission has a little advice for undocumented immigrants coming…to the lake area….”Move on down.”

Presiding Commissioner Ike Skelton says the commission has no intention of designating the area as a sanctuary and will do only as much for illegals as required by law.

“I’m concerned a little bit about helping them too much, to be honest. I know that sounds kinda odd, but at the same time…you’re here illegally. Sandwich sack…a sandwich in a bag, if that much.” 

The commission has put Emergency Management Agency Director Sam Henley in charge of a task force to look at the issue which Henley says will require a team effort.

“This includes not only the public sector, such as our First Responders and Government offices…but the Private Sector…such as the Hospital, the local business owners & Churches who wish to help.” 

About a handful of people at the commission meeting have already volunteered to be on the task force.

Reporter Mike Anthony