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Camden County Receives Excellent Credit Rating

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Commission Press Release May 5 2022Camden County continues to be in excellent financial shape heading into the Summer Season.
Charlie Zitnick with D.A. Davidson, a national public finance and wealth management firm, says that Camden County has made “unprecedented” progress in its financial strength since 2015.
The commission voted on Tuesday to approve refinancing of sewer bonds for Normac, Sunny Slope and Camelot sewer districts, which is expected to save money for the county and the residents of the districts.
Mr. Zitnick says the successful management of the sewer districts from their inception until the present as “an American success story”.
The county also indicated that Standard and Poors inform them that their credit rating had been raised from AA- to AA, meaning that the county saves tens of thousands of dollars every year in interest.
Mr. Zitnick also indicated that Camden County’s financial strength is in the top 10% of Missouri counties and he’s recommending that the county apply to have their credit rating raised again, to AA+.
He says there was no question it would be approved.

All News RSS Feed Business Friday, May 6th, 2022

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