Thu. May 23rd, 2024


Camden County Republican Committee Takes Aim At House Bill 447 – Requests Governor Parson Veto It

The Camden County Republican Central Committee has issued a call to action for Governor Mike Parson to veto House Bill-447.

A letter directed to the governor says the bill was originally for adult high schools before reckless amendments were added during the final stages of the session with zero input from parents or local school districts.

One section in particular catching the attention of the Republican club would permit unspecified “non-profits” to place their moral framework around the standards.

Adding graduation requirements especially in regard to sex education within health classes is another objection which, according to the Republican club, puts education culture at war with traditional family values.

The call to action also encourages telephone calls and emails to be directed to the Governor’s office urging the veto of the House Bill.


Call to Action HB447

The Camden County Missouri Republican Central Committee sent a letter to Governor Parsons requesting he veto HB447.  See a copy of their letter below.

Contact the Governor’s office to voice your opinion on this bill.

Phone: 573-751-3222

Website contact form: Contact the Governor’s Office

Bill References:

Bill Summary

Bill Detailed Text

Bill Information for HB447

Reporter Mike Anthony