Thu. May 23rd, 2024


Camden County Working On 5 Year Road Planning

It’s a never-ending issue…the condition of roads and bridges under the jurisdiction of a city or county.

The same is true for Camden County where the commission is trying to draft a solid five-year plan with only a limited budget to work on.

“You know, you have to prioritize how you’re going to fix things. And at the same time, we have problems, like a Wilbus Road that sank last year, you know, was breaking away. And then we have Ozark Isle that broke away, I think, a couple of years ago. And we have potential of that occurring again. We’re keeping an eye on that with our contracted engineers.”

Presiding Commissioner Ike Skelton also says another roadway recently brought to the county’s attention and in need of maintenance is Willow Creek.

The road is becoming more and more popular serving as a busy alternate route for motorists getting from business-5 to 54 and vice-versa.

In the meantime, work crews have begun doing some blade patching in certain areas of the county.

Reporter Mike Anthony