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Camden EMA Talks More About LEPC Drill Responses

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KRMS News reported, last week, on the Camden County Emergency Management Agency’s L-E-P-C exercise involving several agencies that took place at the Sunrise Beach Fire Headquarters.

E-M-A Director Samantha Dale says, regardless of the incident, there is a basic order of responsibilities which are up to the agencies likely responding for such a drill or in the case of a real incident.

“The fire department is primary on the scene….and then police department helps to handle traffic and crowd control, tries to get people out…EMS of course is transporting the patients, or people who have been injured in the situation.”

Dale goes onto include Lake Regional Hospital or any other medical facility serving as treatment centers for anyone injured.

Last week’s exercise dealt with an out of control boat on Shootout weekend ramming into a local waterfront establishment’s fuel pumps.

A full-scale exercise is planned for sometime during the next year or so.

All News RSS Feed Front Page News Wednesday, May 8th, 2024

Reporter Mike Anthony