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Camden Officers Awarded For Going Above The Call Of Duty

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Three Communications Officers at the Camden County Sheriff’s office are being recognized for their actions in attempting to give assistance to a medical emergency call.

According to Chief Deputy Jimmy Brashear, the officers received the call on Sunday about a medical emergency at the Laker Eagle Stop in Camdenton.

The caller said they were in a vehicle at the station, but when EMT arrived there was no vehicle found and calls to the phone number went unanswered.

Rather than giving up, the officers pinged the cell phone and found it came from Madison South Dakota.

In an effort to save a life, they reached out to the Lake County Sheriff’s office who later investigated the call and determined it came from a juvenile prank caller.

Brashear says that Officers Kaylyne Halsey, Amanda Scaringello and Sandra Tennison along with E911 Director Maggie Rector all went “above and beyond” the call of deputy.

All News RSS Feed Crime Friday, January 27th, 2023

Reporter John Rogger