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Camden & Pulaski EMA Offices Do Joint Training On Tuesday

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The Camden County Emergency Management Agency hit the road on Tuesday to participate in an exercise conducted by the Pulaski County E-M-A Office.

Camden E-M-A Director Samantha Henley says a joint exercise, like the one on Tuesday, is always beneficial so all agencies during an emergency know what to expect from the others.

“As you all know, any of the counties that order us….are automatically aided by our “mutual office”….so, we like to train together and we like to learn together. And overall? It was great!”

Exercises aside, Henley also says the E-M-A took advantage of this week being Severe Weather Preparedness Week to make sure the HyperAlert mass notification system is working properly.

“We had some people who were a little irritated about that, but we wanted to make sure that information can go through the mass notification system….as one of several ways….that you should be receiving information about severe weather.”

Severe Weather Preparedness Week emphasizes receiving information, and tips on how to deal with lightning, tornadoes, hail and wind, and flooding.

All News RSS Feed Top Stories Wednesday, March 6th, 2024

Reporter Mike Anthony