Mon. May 20th, 2024


Camdenton Says “NO” To Rezoning Of Lot At 54 & Lakeview Drive

‘Thanks, but no thanks’ on a request to re-zone a piece of property in Camdenton.

City Administrator Jeff Hooker says the board of aldermen, Tuesday night, took a look at the request to change the zoning on the lot in question at westbound-54 and Lakeview Drive.

“To take a lot that was R-1 and move it to C-2…that failed the planning and zoning, failed with the board of alderman as well…The residents in the community thought that it was too broad and that any type of business could be there….and it’s right next to a residence.”

The lot reportedly had recently been purchased for possible use by Brown’s Auto Body before the re-zoning request was shot down.

Reporter Mike Anthony