It’s almost time for students to return to the classroom and officials at Camdenton R-3 schools say they’re ready to go full force.

“Narrowing our focus a little bit, I think, is going to be the key for this year” says Superintendent Sean Kirksey, “Less top down, more bottom up….and have the teachers tell us what do you need to get kids back on track.”

Speaking on the KRMS Morning Magazine Kirksey says battling the challenges made during COVID has led them to focusing on a more personal approach “It’s just a matter of this year we’ll be listening to teachers who will say “this is what kids are needing” and getting parents to say “this is what my kids need” and having our administration be absolutely laser focused on how we get “caught up” from this, so we come through on the backside of it even better.”

Kirksey says there will be a variety of ways parents can give inputs throughout the year.

Classes for most students across the Lake Area begin August 23rd.