Slope On Highway 54 Causing Concern For Drivers Heading Westbound

Business Local News State News Wednesday, August 10th, 2022

A slope in the roadway is catching the attention of drivers and MODOT…

“We’ve tried to stabilize that slope a little bit” says Central District Engineer Danny Roeger, “We’ve even done what’s called Mud-Jacketing….we drill holes in the pavement, put in a pressurized grout underneath the pavement to try and lift it back up.”

Roeger tells the KRMS Ozarks This Morning Show that the area is located near Jeffries Road on west Highway 54 and it’s been slowly getting worse “It does appear to be getting a little worse even  in the last 8 weeks and I’ve noticed, unfortunately, another location…at little closer to Jefferies Road further away from the bridge that is starting to settle with some pavement cracking, so it’s certainly something we’ll keep an eye on.”

Roeger says that section is a MODOT responsibility, but they are going to have to coordinate with the district staff in order to come up for a game plan on how to make those repairs moving forward.

Business Local News State News Wednesday, August 10th, 2022

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