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Casino Plans Are The Main Topic At Upcoming Republican Club Meeting

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The President of the Camden County Republican Club says the organization’s planning to shine some light and find some answers on local issues in 2023…including about the status of casino plans for the Lake Area.

Les Larsen says THAT will be the focus of the club’s January meeting….”There’s a lot of issues with that. Probably a lot of unknowns. Everybody’s heard something about it, but they don’t really know a lot of the details about it. There’s some people that we shouldn’t have any casinos? Some. Well, we can have one. I guess there’s proposals to have two. So what is what’s really going on? So what we want to do is talk specifically about that.”

Larsen says a panel of local experts will speak and anyone who attends can ask questions or voice their opinions…“Well, it’s a real plus for taxes and all those type of things. And then you got to talk about the humanitarian issues and what’s going to happen to the community. I mean, it goes on and on. So there’s always two sides of this. And so we want to just get it out, put it out for people to hear some of the things that are going on with some of the legislation that’s being proposed, and then also for people to ask questions about it. So we’ve got a couple of speakers that are coming who will be open to answering questions. And then depending on how this goes, we may end up having a follow up casino discussion later on in the spring.”

That meeting of the Camden County Republican Club is set for Tuesday January 17th at 7 PM at the Camdenton Christian Church and is open to all members of the public.

All News RSS Feed Business Politics State News Wednesday, January 4th, 2023

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