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Dr. Lisa Thomas Continues Working On Future Lake Watch Program

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The idea of forming a Lake Watch organization remains alive and well, and a champion of the idea, State Representative Dr. Lisa Thomas, says a meeting will be scheduled early in the new year to actually pull it together.

Thomas says besides all interested citizens of the Lake Area, support from several existing organizations will be part of it…

“I’m more than happy to promote it to help, you know, secure locations for meetings, that kind of stuff because I do think it’s a great idea but we’ll need some volunteers to step up to say, hey, I’d like to be involved in that. But again, the groups that are going to be involved will definitely be the Water Safety Council. I mean, as far as support groups, the Coast Guard auxiliary, LOWA….because when you look around the country there certainly are the equivalent of these Lake watch programs. A lot of them do have a heavy, heavy component the healthy nature of the water and the water quality. So the LOWA Group, The Watershed Alliance component involvement is critical because it’s not all just lifejackets and water safety.”

Representative Thomas says she’s also planning to schedule a meeting early in the new year to discuss issues of interest to those on or soon to be on Medicare.

She made her remarks on Morning Magazine on News Talk KRMS.

All News RSS Feed Crime Politics State News Thursday, December 8th, 2022

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