Thu. Apr 18th, 2024


Dr. Lisa Thomas On KRMS – “We Told You This Would Happen” Relating To Terrorists & Open Borders

The issue of the U.S. border and illegal immigration comes to the forefront of a discussion on the KRMS Morning Magazine with lake area State Representative Lisa Thomas.

Finally, it seems like people are waking up and saying, gosh, maybe we shouldn’t have an open border because, you know, some of the terrorists overseas probably already here, and the rest of us are saying, duh, we’ve been telling you that.”

Thomas also says that it’s almost impossible to know, in reality, how many have crossed over into the United States.

We know how many came in. Known? millions and millions. What? Six? Maybe seven, just in the last two years. And….Border Patrol, they’ve really become just social workers and administrators.”

Thomas also agrees that it’s really too late and the focus now has to turn to vigilance and watching over our own borders in Missouri.

Reporter Mike Anthony