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Former Camden County Deputy Sues Sheriff’s Dept. Over Sexual Harassment, Discrimination

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A new Camden County lawsuit accuses the Sheriff’s department, Sheriff Tony Helms, and a former Camden County Captain of sexual harassment, discrimination, and illegal retaliation.
In a petition filed in circuit court Sunday, former Camden County deputy, Bethany Bowen, alleges that she was subjected to repeated acts of sexual harassment and other inappropriate behavior during her employment with the Sheriff’s Department. Court records allege that Sheriff Tony Helms knew about the unprofessional conduct, but failed to respond to complaints.
Bowen also alleges that she and other female officers were looked over for promotions and duties, and were paid less than male officers of the same rank. Court records additionally state that Bowen faced various forms of retaliation, both direct and indirect, for her complaints.
Sheriff Tony Helms and the former Captain, now identified as current Buffalo, Missouri, police chief Christopher Twitchel, decline to comment on the allegations.
KRMS will continue to follow this story and publish updates when possible.

All News RSS Feed Crime Politics Monday, April 11th, 2022

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