Mon. May 20th, 2024


Fundraising Event For Kids Respite Center Moves To Below Laurie City Hall

It’s a change of venue for an event to kickstart fundraising for a future respite home to be opened here in the lake area.

James Radford is spearheading the effort to open what will be called Kids Cove, an expensive venture which will really have to rely on local fundraising efforts.

“The state only provides for one 24-hour period of respite care per child per month, so as you can imagine…that doesn’t help. And what they do pay for, it’s only about (for a traditional child) about $20 for a day of care.”

51-50 Metal works is sponsoring the crawfish boil and auction Thursday night to raise funding for the respite home.

Radford’s goal is to raise some $65,000 as a start-up this year and then to bring in $300,000 next year to expand the service.

The crawfish boil and auction now, however, is being moved indoors to the lower level of the ReMax Building below Laurie City Hall…start time remains the same at 5:00.

More details are available at https://www.kidscoverespitehome.org/

Reporter Mike Anthony