Sat. Jul 20th, 2024


Future Of Lake Niangua Continues To Be “Up In The Air” At The Moment

The future of Lake Niangua in Camden County remains up in the air.

At issue is Show-Me Power wanting to decommission the dam but, at the same time, leave it where it currently stands to protect area homeowners’ property values while also protecting the ecology of the area on both sides of the dam.

Presiding Commissioner Ike Skelton calls Show-Me Power good stewards and says that the county is also involved waiting for word from FERC on the dam’s final disposition.

“The county has actually entered into an agreement with Show Me Power, not to maintain the dam…but just to…kinda have oversight.”

In the meantime, Skelton also says it’s a waiting game for all involved.

“That is kinda where we are and really right now, they are just waiting for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to make their decision as to the disposition of the entire area there.”

Tunnel Dam powers about 750 homes per year. Tearing it down would run about one-million dollars.

Reporter Mike Anthony