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Future Of OB Outlet Mall Plans Remain Unclear Heading Into 2023

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The future of the Osage Beach Outlet Mall remains unclear as the new year approaches.

City Administrator Jeanna Woods says there are no active proposals for redeveloping the struggling retail complex though she says it’s believed it’s only a matter of time before the property sees new life.

What IS advancing is the proposal to construct a major theme park and resort adjacent to the Grand Glaze Bridge.

Woods tells KRMS the developers are currently refining the plans for what would be called Oasis at Lakeport…

“We do have their application and development plan….we’re in the final stages of them making modifications for us to do a review. So I do expect to see some more movement on that at the first of the year….right now the ball is in the developer’s court, so once they get us the information we need it will move forward. So that’s very exciting! Again these things do take time.”

In conjunction with that…the process of reviewing and possibly amending the Tax Increment Financing or TIF policy in Osage Beach began last Fall continues.

Woods says that work will resume next month…

“I am hoping that staff will be ready to present some draft changes to the guidelines….and why is it important for us to have them? It’s very important to us as staff to understand the intent and the direction that the Board of Alderman and the Mayor are going, and by understanding that direction…we can facilitate those task that need to get back to the board of alderman. And the developers need to also understand the intent….so the guideline in it is that it’s a document that shows the process, the timelines….it shows what we expect of you as a developer and what you can expect from us as a city. And so it is very important for us to outline all of those things so that we can make the process smoother….so we are working on that and we’re taking all the comments, advice and input we’ve been given by the board of alderman, along with ongoing discussions, best practices and other practices that similar cities as ours have gone through.”

Woods commented on Morning Magazine on NewsTalk KRMS.

The next Osage Beach City Board meeting is on January 4th – a Wednesday rather than the usual Thursday because of a scheduling conflict.

All News RSS Feed Business Politics Monday, December 26th, 2022

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