Thu. May 23rd, 2024


HWP Makes Numerous Arrests On Saturday Alone Across The Lake Area

It’s been an unusually busy weekend for the Highway Patrol across the Lake area.

On Saturday alone, there were 5 arrests within the area and 2 arrests outside the area, those involving lake residents.

In Camden County troopers arrested 27-year-old Ethan Butler of Camdenton for DWI and 28-year-old Denis Popov of Boyd, Texas for BWI.

In Miller County troopers arrested 44-year-old Jeslyn Schillinger from Ulman for DWI.

In Laclede County troopers arrested 35-year-old Jonathan Heisz of Lebanon for violating a protection order and 35-year-old Timothy Stinnett, also of Lebanon, for a felony DWI and driving while revoked.

Two Brumley residents were also arrested outside of the Lake area…they include 36-year-old Brent Whittle, who was charged with operating a vehicle without a license and 30-year-old Raelyn Koenigsfeld, for being in possession of drugs.

Both of those arrests took place in Callaway County.

Reporter John Rogger