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Jefferson City Man Arrested After Crashing Into Gas Station To Steal Chocolate Milk

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A Jefferson City man is arrested after being charged for driving his car into some gas station windows so he could steal some chocolate milk.

Jefferson City Police were reportedly called to the BreakTime on West Main Street Tuesday a little after 1:30am for a burglary alarm.

Officers saw front end damage to the store, broken windows and even part of the ceiling on the ground.

They also saw two side mirrors from a Ford vehicle.

Surveillance video shows a black car pulling up and hitting the front end of the store, then backing up and hitting the store again.

Cops say a white balding man with a beard is seen getting out of the car and taking three items from a refrigerator.

Then getting back in the car and driving away.

Reports indicate he did thousands of dollars worth of damage to the store.

Just before 5am cops found the 2016 Ford Fusion and license plate numbers that matched the suspects.

Signs of damage including glass from the store window were found. As well as the man’s wallet and three cold chocolate milks.

The car also had missing side view mirrors.

The man was arrested at his home and charged with First Degree Property Damage and Second-Degree Burglary.

All News RSS Feed Crime Front Page News Wednesday, September 13th, 2023

Reporter Bill Robbins