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Lake Computer Expert Warns Of E-Mail Ransomware Attacks Going Around

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Ransomware is making its way into the Lake Area.

According to Richard Wojcik with the Ozark Computer Clinic, several desktop and laptop computers have been brought into his facility over the past week…. all locked up under ransomware attacks due to emails.

Wojcik says these e-mails are tricky, as it looks like they’re coming from an approved source, however contained inside is a download that once you click it…. it’s game over for your computer.

He says it can show up under your own business domain, masking the document as a “scanned item” from a co-worker.

Wojcik says to always make sure you carefully read the e-mail and verify it is from a trusted sender before clicking on any downloads or links.

All News RSS Feed Crime Thursday, March 3rd, 2022

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