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Lake Law Enforcement Speaks Out On KC Parade Shooting

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While the sports world continues to keep an eye on Kansas City and the tragedy that happened at the end of the Superbowl champion parade, law enforcement in the lake area also had their own takes on the situation.

Camden County Sergeant Scott Hines says there’s really no way to prevent such a thing from happening.

“The idea of having all that law enforcement presence is great because what it does is it helps keep a lot of folks, you know, honest. But unfortunately, there are some bad actors out there that are going to do bad actor things, and the reality is that regardless of how many police officers are standing in an area, if someone wants to commit a criminal act, they’re going to commit that criminal act.”

Osage Beach Police Chief Todd Davis says, at least in the case of Kansas City, law enforcement had a pretty solid plan in place to minimize what could’ve been much higher numbers of people injured or killed.

“Fortunate for them, I guess. This was the third Super bowl parade that they’ve had, plus the draft, and they’ve got those big events down.”

The latest updates reported one dead and at least 21 others injured with three suspects, including two juveniles, taken into custody.

All News RSS Feed Crime State News Friday, February 16th, 2024

Reporter Mike Anthony