Sat. Apr 20th, 2024


Lake Representative Submits Bill To Create Task Force On Cannabis Marketing

How marijuana and marijuana products are advertised to a couple demographics in Missouri is the focus of one House Bill filed in the General Assembly.

The bill is sponsored by lake area Representative Dr. Lisa Thomas.

As written, the bill would create the “Task Force on the Marketing of Cannabis and Cannabinoid Products to Children and Pregnant Women.”

The task force would be comprised of an 11-member panel representing the house and senate, various medical professions, the department of health and senior services, the department of elementary and secondary education and MoDOT.

The task force would be charged with submitting a yearly report on cannabis marketing efforts to the governor and the general assembly.

As it stands, the bill has been read twice in the state house but does not currently appear on the calendar for any further consideration.

Reporter Mike Anthony