Thu. Jun 20th, 2024


Lake Residents Continue To Sound Off On Trump Conviction Trial

KRMS Radio and TV listeners respond to the Donald Trump “hush money trial” coming to an end with convictions on all 34 counts against the former President.

One listener says “Be prepared if the game comes to you, OK? Don’t go out there and do anything stupid….but you know what? If you got conceal and carry…..carry your weapon.”

Another says “This stinks man. And they’re right down here among us. There’s a fungus among us, we got to eradicate the fungus.”

One woman says “What I feel like is how I felt on 9/11…only this time, the enemy is from within.”

Reaction was largely partisan across the different media outlets Thursday night.

The trial may be over but the story is considered to be long from being final with an appeals process still to come.

The former President is schedule to appear on June 15th at the grand opening of the Camden County Republican Club’s Trump Republican Headquarters…at this time that appearance has not been cancelled.

Reporter Mike Anthony