Mon. May 27th, 2024


Lakeport Village TIF Redevelopment Plan Advances in Osage Beach but Not Without Opposition

A resolution of support to forward a redevelopment plan for the $300-million Lakeport Village project is on its way to the board of aldermen in Osage Beach but not before meeting resistance during the TIF Commission meeting. After hearing public comments and from Special Bond Counsel Mark Spikerman and developer Jeff Tegethoff, the next step was then up to the TIF commission.

      NEWS-04-18-2023 OB TIF VOTE-2

The main opposition to moving the plan forward seemed to hinge on whether the overall development will include the developer being able to come to terms for the acquisition of the nearby Lakewood Condo complex. That issue aside, the 7-4 vote officially moves the redevelopment plan to the board of the aldermen for its consideration which could happen as early as this week during the board’s next regular meeting. The meeting, Thursday night, begins at 6:00 in city hall.

Reporter Mike Anthony