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Lawsuit Against Former Manager Of The Country Club Hotel Dismissed In Civil Court

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A lawsuit filed in Camden County against the former manager of the Country Club Hotel has been voluntarily dismissed without prejudice in civil court.

A petition filed in the courthouse had alleged that the defendant, identified as Mekabiz Mohadjer, interfered with a possible auction sale of the property while claiming he would physically prevent any real estate agent from entering the property, fraudulently claimed to be part owner of the Regalia leasing the entire property for $1,000 per month and pocketing the money, physically harassed and intimidated staff and guests, refused to vacate the premises when terminated from his position by the owner of the property and threatened to burn down the Regalia if he were removed from the premises. Several other allegations are also contained in the petition.

The case was back in a Camden County courtroom last Wednesday, the 13th, ending with a voluntary dismissal without prejudice which means the case can be re-filed in the future.

Any terms of an agreement for the case to be dismissed were not available from the courthouse.

All News RSS Feed Crime Top Stories Wednesday, December 20th, 2023

Reporter Mike Anthony