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Linn Creek Eying Opportunity To Bring In K9 For Police Department

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The City of Linn Creek is hoping to soon be able to take “a bite out of crime” with a new K-9 officer.

Police Chief David Lobaugh says having a K-9 officer on his staff would be pretty handy especially to accommodate the number of traffic stops on hwy-54.

“We definitely believe we could use it on HWY 54 doing some interdiction. As you know we do about 90% of traffic just within our city is people coming through the Lake of the Ozarks.”

Chief Lobaugh also says the concept of having a K-9 is not a new concept for his department.

“It would definitely be convenient if we had our own K9 in general. I was also a K9 handler for man years Morgan County and I can see the need for it, in our city and our community as well.”

Total cost of bringing a K-9 to the department is around $20,000 which covers the K9, the training and patrol car modifications.

The city still needs another $18,000 to make it happen and has a goal for it to happen in the next 3-6 months.

Currently, K-9 interdictions in Linn Creek city limits are conducted, if available at the time, by the Camden County Sheriff’s Office.

All News RSS Feed Crime Top Stories Tuesday, March 26th, 2024

Reporter Mike Anthony