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Linn Creek Woman Charged After Child Suffers Severe Burns

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A Linn Creek woman faces felony charges after her young child suffers severe burns and she, allegedly, waited until confronted by law enforcement before seeking medical care for him.

Camden County Sergeant Scott Hines says, after she finally agreed to take the child for treatment, the stories kept changing prompting an arrest to be made in the case…“They told us a story that the injury occurred 4 to 5 days ago….they told the hospital the injury occurred 7 to 10 days ago. They told deputies on the scene that the child had burned his hand on a wood stove, they told the hospital staff that the child woke up before everyone else so she wasn’t sure how the child received the burn.”

27-year-old Amanda Terbrock has, since, been formally charged with one count each of abuse or neglect of a child and endangering the welfare of a child, along with two infractions for failing to secure a child in a car restraint or booster seat.

Terbrock was being held on a $50-thousand bond. A second adult in the house at the time was not charged.


***Full Release…..

Camdenton, MO, 12-02-22 – On Wednesday evening, 11-30-22, deputies from the Camden County Sheriff’s Office received a phone call from a concerned father.  The man indicated he had heard from other family members that his minor child, who lived with the child’s mother had suffered severe burns and that the mother had not sought medical care for the minor child.  The man asked deputies to respond to the home and check on the minor child.

Deputies responded to Canvasback Lane in the Linn Creek area where they contacted 27-year-old Amanda L Terbrock, the mother of the child.  Terbrock refused to allow deputies to enter the home to check on the child.  Terbrock explained the child had fallen into a wood stove approximately four or five days prior and suffered a burned hand as a result.  Terbrock told deputies she called the child’s doctor and was advised she did not need to bring the child in.  Deputies called for an ambulance and upon the advice of Emergency Medical Technicians, Terbrock took the child to Lake Regional Hospital.

At the hospital Terbrock gave a different account of the circumstances surrounding the child’s burn and a different time frame. Terbrock also admitted to investigators that she did not bring the child in for medical care immediately because she did not want to incur a large hospital bill.  Doctors at Lake Regional advised deputies the child would need additional care.

Deputies then returned to the home and were allowed entry by another adult occupant of the home.  Their investigation revealed evidence that led to the arrest of Terbrock.

Terbrock was transported to the Camden County Adult Detention Facility and charged with the Class B Felony of Abuse or Neglect of a Child, the Class D Felony of 1st Degree Endangering the Welfare of a Child, and several infractions for child car seat violations.

A reminder that these charges are merely allegations of wrongdoing. All suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

All News RSS Feed Crime Friday, December 2nd, 2022

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