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Local 4th Of July Fireworks Displays Are On KRMSRADIO.COM

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Are you planning to take in a fireworks display sometime over the July 4th holiday?

If so, according to C-V-B Director Heather Brown, you have plenty of chances….“We have fireworks starting off Saturday, July 1 at Bare Bottom Resort and that kicks off the 4 July. Then it goes to Monday, July 3. We have fireworks at Captain Ron’s and then again at Bare Bottom on the 4 July. There’s more fireworks over at the Lodge of Four Seasons on the 4 July. And we also have fireworks over at the inn at Grand Glaize. There’s just fireworks all over.”

Here’s the full list according to the CVB:


Dale Hollow Winery
June 30: 5pm – 9 pm
Stover, MO

City of Linn Creek
July 2: 9pm
LOSA Soccer Fields, Linn Creek, MO

Captain Ron’s Bar & Grill
July 3: Fireworks at Dusk
Sunrise Beach, MO | 34.5 MM

Bear Bottom Resort
July 1st & 4th: 9:45 pm
Sunrise Beach, MO | 38 MM

Iberia’s Independence Day Celebration
Saturday, Jul 1, 2023 from 5:00pm to 10:00pm
Iberia Lions Club
Iberia, MO 65486

These shows all take place on the 4th of July


Lodge of Four Seasons
Fireworks at 9pm
Lake Ozark, MO | 13.5 MM

Margaritaville Lake Resort
Fireworks at 9pm
Osage Beach, MO
Non-Guests can view by water at 26 MM

Point Randall Resort
Fireworks at Dusk
Lake Ozark, MO | 2 MM

Lake Valley Country Club
Fireworks at dusk
Camdenton, MO

Eldon July 4th Celebration
Fireworks Canceled but Festival will continue
Eldon, MO

Celebration Cruises
Boarding: 7:30 pm – Return: 9:30 pm
Lake Ozark, MO

Wet Spot Bar & Grill
Fireworks at Dusk
Stover, MO (Ivy Bend Rd)

Drake Harbor Fireworks
Fireworks at Dusk
Warsaw, MO

Lincoln Fireworks
Fireworks at Dusk
Lincoln, MO

All News RSS Feed Community Events - News Tuesday, June 27th, 2023

Reporter John Rogger