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Local Pastor Resigns From Stoutland School Board Following Comments About Autism & Demons

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A Stoutland School Board Member has resigned after facing backlash from a sermon he preached at Beulah church in Richland.

Pastor Rick Morrow was talking about casting out demons, when the conversation changed towards children with autism.

Why is my kid have autism? Well, either the devils attack them. He’s brought this infirmity upon them. He’s got them where he wants them….and or God just doesn’t like him very much. And he made them that way. Well, my God doesn’t make junk. God doesn’t make mess ups. So let’s quit being nice and putting a Band-Aid on stuff and giving it medicine and saying, Oh, it’ll be okay. We just need to treat this or treat that. How about you just cast the demon out?”

That’s an excerpt from the video that’s now posted on our Facebook page.

The viral video has now reached autism advocates across the nation, who say it has caused immense distress among parents, but also pose a significant threat to the inclusivity and acceptance within the community

Officials at Stoutland schools released a statement to local news outlets, indicating that the district is “steadfast” in its compliance with non-discrimination laws and that they welcome all students of all backgrounds and abilities.

A change.org petition has also been started requested Morrow be removed as Pastor at Beulah Church.

All News RSS Feed School News Top Stories Wednesday, September 13th, 2023

Reporter John Rogger