Sat. Apr 20th, 2024


Local Recycling Owner Says Plastics Are Overstocked Right Now

When was the last time you tried to bring recyclables to a local center…especially glass, paper and plastics?

If it’s been anytime in the recent past, you’re probably finding out that the market is pretty much drying up.

“Back in the 70s when they brought Recycling into the mainstream, that’s what they were were considering….the plastic, glass & paper…and it’s totally failed us.”

Rob Herrelson, who’s owned and operated a recycling center in Laurie since 1988, goes on to say that a strong market remains for recycling aluminum cans and metals.

Plastics, however according to Herrelson, will continue presenting problems because recycling demand is low while inventories are way too high due to manufacturers finding much cheaper ways.

Reporter Mike Anthony