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LOTO Water Safety Council Urgers Boaters To Be Safe On Labor Day Weekend

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The Lake of the Ozarks Water Safety Council is preparing for the final “big weekend” at the Lake, before the summer season comes to a close.

In a release, the council is urging residents and visitors to pay “close attention” to their safety rules while out on the water.

Following the fatal weekend of boating, the Council say it’s important to know the rules of navigation, use an engine cut-off lanyard, be prepared with Life Jackets and run the blower on your boat before starting your motor.

They also recommend designating a sober Captain before you head out from local establishments.


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As the summer comes to an end the Lake of the Ozarks Water Safety Council is reminding water enthusiasts to be “safety aware” through the Labor Day holiday weekend.

Labor Day, the summer’s final big weekend always brings increased traffic to the lake. “We’ve had a good record of water safety this year and we are reminding everyone to be safety aware on the water so we can have a safe end to summer,” said Bob May, Co-Chair of the Lake of the Ozarks Water Safety Council.

Tips for safe Labor Day holiday weekend include:

Know the rules of navigation when boating – If overtaking another boat, the boat being passed has the right-of-way so stay clear. If crossing, the boat on the right has the right-of-way, slow and let them pass.

Run the blower if equipped – It is recommended to run the blower for at least 4 minutes before starting or restarting a boat to clear fuel vapor that might explode. The Water Patrol suggests opening the engine hatch too.

Use the engine cut-off lanyard – Federal rules require the use of a engine cut-off lanyard for water craft 26 feet and under to avoid runaway boat accidents. According to the Coast Guard more boater drownings occur on smaller vessels.

Be prepared with life jackets – Life jackets must be appropriate for the user’s weight and size. A life jacket must always be worn by anyone on a personal watercraft. Boats must have a readily accessible and appropriate jacket for each occupant. If a boat is 16 feet or longer it must carry a throwable flotation device. In Missouri, children under age 7 must always wear a life jacket while boating.

Be a sober boater – Operating a boat while under the influence is against the law in Missouri and any boat operator found with a blood alcohol concentration above 0.08% can be charged with Boating While Intoxicated (BWI).

The Lake of the Ozarks Water Safety Council is a not-for-profit public service organization that promotes boating and water safety at the Lake of the Ozarks and the Midwest. The Water Safety Council was formed in 2007 with the mission of promoting water safety and to serve as a source for boating and water safety information. The Council has representation from the local area Chambers of Commerce, Missouri State Highway Patrol-Water Division, Camden County Health Department, U.S. Coast Guard, Ameren Missouri, and community members.

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Reporter John Rogger