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Macks Creek Man Nearly Runs Down City Cop, Deputy in Morgan County

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A suspected drunk driver already wanted on a warrant for skipping court on a previous DWI, now faces several felony charges after almost running down a Versailles City police officer and a Morgan County deputy.

That’s according to a probable cause statement filed in Morgan County alleging 43-year-old Charles Gonzales, of Macks Creek, failed to stop before officers were able to box his vehicle in and order him out at gunpoint.

At that time, Gonzales instead placed his vehicle in reverse and accelerated nearly striking the officer and colliding with his patrol car, then accelerating the opposite direction nearly striking a deputy and colliding with the deputy’s patrol car.

He was able to get through the blockade fleeing again up to 85-miles-per-hour on city streets before stopping, being tased and eventually taken into custody.

Gonzales is formally charged with two class-A felony counts of assault special victim, two felony counts of property damage, felony resisting and DWI, and driving without a license.

He’s being held on a $500,000 bond.

All News RSS Feed Crime Top Stories Tuesday, January 2nd, 2024

Reporter Mike Anthony