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Man Facing Charges Of Sexual Assault After Break-in At Quail’s Nest Hotel

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A man from Brumley faces charges of second-degree sodomy and first-degree burglary after breaking into an Osage Beach hotel room.

Detectives investigated a sexual assault late last month at the Quail’s Nest Hotel.

The victim told officers she was asleep with her boyfriend in the room and woke up with some unknown man sexually assaulting her.

But she woke up her boyfriend and he chased him out of the room.

Detectives managed to identify 44-year-old Charles Talley from surveillance video.

The suspects arm tattoo matched the description the victim’s boyfriend gave to the officers.

Detectives matched his DNA from the bedsheets and a baseball cap.

They also learned that some of Talley’s relatives used to be employees of the hotel.

It’s apparently not the first time Talley’s tried to break into someone’s room. But on those other occasions guests had their top bars latched.

Video shows Talley trying to get into the rooms using what looked like a set of housekeeping keys.

Talley was taken to the Camden County Jail on Wednesday and held without bond.

All News RSS Feed Crime Front Page News Friday, May 19th, 2023

Reporter Bill Robbins