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Man Involved In Powerboat Crash Now Faces Charges, Attorney Enters Case for His Defense

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The man initially identified by the highway patrol as being from Huntington Beach, California, but by courthouse records as being homeless in the Camdenton area, has been formally charged in that late night boat wreck July 22nd that injured eight people at Lake of the Ozarks.

47-year-old Adam Ramirez is charged with two felony counts of boating while intoxicated with serious physical injury and five other felony counts of BWI with physical injury. Ramirez also faces some misdemeanor charges connected to the accident.

It’s alleged that Ramirez was operating the powerboat that ran aground at the 1.3 mile mark of the Osage Arm before vaulting into the air, striking a house and overturning ejecting himself and seven other occupants.

At last check, the warrant was issued Monday in Camden County but it’s unknown if Ramirez has been released from the hospital or taken into custody yet on the charges. An attorney from Clayton, MO, has entered the case to represent Ramirez.

All News RSS Feed Crime Top Stories Tuesday, August 1st, 2023

Reporter Mike Anthony