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MDC Advises Missourians To Start Looking For Brown Recluse Spiders As Temps Go Down

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The Missouri Department of Conservation is reminding state residents of the seasonal risk posed by the brown ‘recluse’ spider.

The venomous spider is common to the state but they tend to go from a largely outdoor-dwelling spider to a home invader when the weather turns cold.

The species is often found in attics and basements and may lurk within towels, shoes and various garments.

People often don’t notice their bite until hours later, when it starts to swell. However the more quickly expert medical care is sought the better – as the bite can cause painful and disfiguring wounds and, in some cases, death.

Also nicknamed the “violin or fiddler spider,” the grayish, yellow spider is known for its violin-shaped marking on its top-side.

All News RSS Feed Monday, November 7th, 2022

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