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Saturation Patrol Nets Four Drug Suspects in Camden County

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A saturation patrol over the weekend in Osage Beach comes to an end with four people taken into custody on pending felony drug charges.

Camden County Sergeant Scott Hines says, at about 8:30 Saturday night, a vehicle was stopped near Dick’s Sporting Goods for an alleged equipment violation.

During the stop, a drug K-9 alerted officers to the presence of narcotics.

One of the four subjects, Steve Carlson of Montreal, took off on foot before reaching for a knife during a brief struggle.

He is being held without bond on delivery and possession charges.

Lacey Breshears of Versailles, Patrick Weeks and Kyleigh Adrian, both of Montreal, were also taken into custody.

Breashears was being held pending bond while Weems posted bond and Adrian was released on an O-R bond.

Over 90 grams of meth, 40 grams of marijuana, paraphernalia, a loaded firearm and more than a thousand dollars in cash were seized at the scene.

All News RSS Feed Crime Monday, November 7th, 2022

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