Mon. May 20th, 2024


Missouri Senate Looking At Handful Of Joint Resolutions In The Final Days Of The Session

Missouri Senate discussion is underway on Senate Joint Resolutions 74, 48, 59, 61 & 83, which — upon voter approval — would modify provisions relating to constitutional amendments.

Senator Mary Elizabeth Coleman of Arnold is the sponsor….

“These policies are too important to play procedural games with, and I’m looking forward to having further discussions.”

Senate Joint Resolutions 74, 48, 59, 61 & 83 would ask voters to change how future ballot questions would be decided.

Missouri Senate Minority Floor Leader John Rizzo of Independence says he continues to oppose this idea…

“This is not a bill, like we did on the education bill or all these other bills we’ve had to negotiate because we’re in the super minority.”

Missouri senators sent Senate Joint Resolutions 74, et al, to the Missouri House of Representatives in February.

During discussion on the proposal, Senator Lauren Arthur of Kansas City mentioned the portion of the resolution that was removed from the original version was restored in the Missouri House…

“Very hypotheticals have been thrown out there….what about St. Louis, what about Kansas City? It is not a real threat, because this is already outlawed.”

If this resolution is approved, the Governor would then decide on which ballot the question would go.

The 2024 regular legislative session will end on Friday.

Reporter KRMS Newsroom