Thu. Jun 20th, 2024


Missouri Senators Looking At IP Reform & Joint Resolutions On Initiative Petitions

Missouri Senators have put in nearly 50 hours looking at the possibility of what’s commonly referred to as I-P reform…a series of joint resolutions asking voters to change certain rules when it comes to initiative petitions.

This includes Senate Joint Resolutions 74, 48, 59, 61 & 83.

Senator Holly Thompson Rehder of Scott City says she has seen some issues bypass the Legislature, via initiative petition…

“And that’s really on the initiative petition side, how you see that process really playing out….on many subjects.”

Senate Joint Resolutions 74, 48, 59, 61 & 83 would let voters decide how initiative petitions would pass.

Senator Steven Roberts of St. Louis is among those Missouri senators who opposes changing the threshold for getting ballot measures passed…

“I was extremely proud of the hard work from all my colleagues, to fight to preserve Missouri’s right to participate in the Democratic process….and was honored to fight along them.”

If Senate Joint Resolutions 74 — et al — were to be approved, the governor would then decide which election would see this ballot question.

Reporter KRMS Newsroom