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Missouri Teams Lose In Weekend Football Games

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Controversy in the waning moments of Chiefs’ bills last night from Arrowhead.
It appeared as if the Chiefs had taken a late lead on the bills as Patrick Mahomes hooked up with Travis Kelsey who then threw a backwards lateral pass to Cadarius Tony who scored a touchdown.
However, that touchdown was erased on an offensive offside’s penalty against Tony, a call that is rarely whistled and a call that caused the irate emotions of Patrick Mahomes to pour out on the sidelines.The bills would end up holding on to beat the Chiefs by a score of 20 -17.
It’s now three losses in their last four games as the Chiefs slip to 8 -5 on the season.
Deficiting play on what looked like one of the truly remarkable highlights of the season in the NFL.
College Hoops Mizzou, they lose the boarder award at Kansas on Saturdays 73 -64 although it’s the closest they’ve been in this game since the rivalry was renewed a couple of years ago.
And Mizzou running back Cody Schrader and eighth place finish in the Heisman Trophy race actually got one first place vote.Jayden Daniels though took home the trophy.

All News RSS Feed KRMS Sports Monday, December 11th, 2023

Reporter Brendan Matthews