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Mizzou Basketball And College Football Schedules Starting To Come Together

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Well, we told you how the Mizzou basketball schedule continues to come together.

Late word that we have a date for bragging rights……And there’s some intrigue here.

Mizzou and Illinois will play on Sunday, December the 22nd at Enterprise Center in St. Louis.

It always is a great start to Christmas week, but it diverts a little bit from what the plan has been in recent years where the two teams have played in St. Louis the Friday before Christmas.

Interesting wrinkle this year.

The college football playoff begins on Friday night with one game.

So maybe they could play on Saturday for bragging rights. Hold the phone.

Day two of the college football playoff with three games on the docket.

Maybe some preemptive planning going on with hopes that Mizzou football very much could be in the mix for the playoff this year.

And then Sunday would be bragging rights in route to Christmas week.

And as always, that game will be a highlight for Mizzou basketball fans on the calendar. 

All News RSS Feed KRMS Sports Thursday, June 20th, 2024

Reporter Brendan Matthews