Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024


Mizzou Physician Says Allergies Are Worse This Year Than Years Past

If you think your allergies are worse this year compared to years past, you are probably correct.

That’s according to M-U Health Care Physician Doctor Christine Franzese who says we are currently in a transition from having to deal  with tree pollens to grass pollens as we get closer to the summer.

“With the springtime allergies, we are traditionally seeing allergies due to tree pollen. And one of the big highlights of that is people tend to have a lot more eye inflammation, eye irritation due to tree pollen, whereas in the summertime, we’re transitioning more to the grass allergies.”

Franzees says a couple simple tips to minimize the effects of allergies include doing any outdoor work sooner in the day, wear layers of clothing for quick removal when you are done with your outdoor work and shower as soon as you when you get inside after being exposed to the pollens.

Reporter Mike Anthony