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MO Department Of Revenue Rules County And City’s Can Stack Marijuana Sales Tax Onto Consumers

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Voter approval earlier this week means that the price of legal marijuana is on its way up in the lake area.

The sales tax increase of up to three-percent was on the ballots for Camden, Miller and Morgan counties along with several jurisdictions within.

The only real questions heading into election day, according to Camden County Presiding Commissioner Ike Skelton, was how much revenue approval of the measures will bring in and whether the taxes…if passed on both the county and municipal ballots…would be stacked on top of each other for consumers to pay.

“If the city did a 3%, the county would not be able to do that 3% on the same city dispensary, right? We could only do 3% on whatever was outside the city limits. So, then a ruling came back from the Department of Revenue and said, yes, we can stack it. So now that it’s passed, if you are in the city limits and the city passed one, there’s 3% from the city, 3% from the county, and then whatever there is on top of that.”

Proceeds from the Camden County share of the new marijuana tax are earmarked toward road and bridge needs.

Figures show, statewide, that marijuana sales for the first quarter alone have brought in some $100-million-plus.

All News RSS Feed Business Politics State News Friday, April 7th, 2023

Reporter Mike Anthony