Thu. Apr 18th, 2024


MODOT Says “Littering” Seems To Be On The Rise Across The Lake

Chances are, we’ve all done it at least once without even thinking much about it but it IS a problem which adds to trash accumulating on the side of our roadways.

Just want to emphasize to folks, secure your load. You are responsible for your articles of your belongings that are in either in the back of your your pickup truck and your coffee mug that you might leave on the roof of your car and drive off with. Just be aware of your surroundings and your impact.”

MoDOT Central District Area Engineer Danny Roeger also says the problem seems to be increasing lately which means some added responsibilities for MoDOT workers and that it only takes a couple seconds to check and make sure you aren’t unwittingly contributing to the issue along our roadways.

You could also end up with a ticket and a court date or fine for littering.

Reporter Mike Anthony